Hospitality is making guests feel at home ,We serve delicious and hygienic north Indian and south Indian food from Breakfast to dinner.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; on this all experts agree. These recipes will help you feel stronger and keep their energy level up. The best foods we serve at breakfast time include puri, idly,chapatti ,noodles, pav bhaji, upma, dosa ,alu parota,uthappam, menthi parota.


Lunch are usually eaten on the run, so these Everyday Menus focus on easily packable and portable foods. Lunch menus include rice,fried curry,curry,dal, sambar or rasam , curd.


This delicious dinner menu  comprised of Roti, rice, fried curry,curry, dal, sambar or rasam, cutney, curd. Varities like papads, egg,sweet will be served.

Note: Food will be served as below / Above items may vary.

Breakfast, Dinner during week days

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during Weekends and Public Holidays